• VIP Tour

  • There is nothing like being backstage during a performance of the Opry. This exclusive tour offers just that — for the first time ever. Be a backstage VIP! Superstar Opry member Garth Brooks said it best, “No offense at all to the people sitting in the seats, but the real show is backstage. That’s the Opry.”

  • Features of the Tour

    • A private tour of the Opry backstage area just before show time, learning how each Opry show comes together.
    • Spend time in the Green Room just offstage, surrounded by the sights and sounds of the Opry before showtime.
    • Watch the big red curtain rise on an Opry performance … from the side of the stage!
    • Watch the first performance of the night from the stage.
  • With the Behind The Opry Curtain VIP Tour, an exclusive group of fans can experience the Opry as a true backstage VIP for the first time ever . You’ll go behind the scenes in the exciting moments just before show time, learning from your knowledgeable guide and others about the inner workings of the show and watching Opry staffers and artists readying for another great night of music.

    Then you’ll be on stage as the big red curtain goes up for the first performance of the show— a moment you’ll never forget! Following your tour, you’ll be personally escorted to your seats in the Opry House to enjoy the rest of the performance with a newfound perspective of what it’s like to be in the middle of it all at country music’s most famous show.

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  • Please Note: Tour guests must also have a ticket for the night’s performance. Due to the exclusive nature of this tour and its timing, this is not available to persons under the age of 12.

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